Top 4 American studies destinations

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By dint of hearing about “Americans”, we finally join America in one country of the United States. Yet if you want to study “America”, it covers two continents (and a half if you count the Central America as its own continent!). In a broader sense, many are those who limit their views studies to America in the United States and Canada. So we’ve put together for you a guide of the favorite destinations for students in both countries.

1) Boston
Would that for Harvard reputable imperishable, Boston took the lead of the US rankings (unless you prefer Yale, Connecticut!). Harvard is not however the only good university in the city: Boston University and Tufts University are world renowned. To have so many recognized institutions, student community of this city is wonderful too.

2) New York
“The Big Apple” is a dream for many: from the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, we think of skyscrapers, museums and Broadway … However, if the city of New York offers an incomparable cultural offer and leading universities (Columbia or NYU, for example), the little affordable housing spoil the picture. Pity.

3) Montreal
international destination, Montreal is the highest ranked city in university term in Canada (McGill, Concordia, UdeM are very reputable establishments). You can study in French and discover a great city where French culture alongside that of English. Restaurants, theaters, music festivals … if you choose to face the winter, Montreal has lots of great wonders.

4) Vancouver
With an international population, the ocean at his side and the mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies on the other, Vancouver is a great place to live! His University of British Columbia sits comfortably in the top 50 best universities and, let’s face it, the temperature in winter is much more lenient in this part of Canada!

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